• Services for Individuals
  • Expedited Delivery Services- Need something delievered right away? Have a fragile item that cannot be shipped by conventional ways? We can do that for you!
  • Direct Mailing & Handwritten items- Have a ton of invitations, thank you notes, or something you need to send to the masses? Let us hand write those envelopes for you today!
  • Ecommerce Solutions- Have a product you want sold online, but don't know where to begin? We have experience listing and selling thousands of items every year on Amazon, Blujay, Bonanza, Ebay, and even Sears! We can help you get set up and get those products listed.
  • Mediation- Have a debt with your financial institution? We'll help you settle for much less than you actually owe.
  • Transportation & Airport Shuttle- Need a ride somewhere? We offer long distance economy transportation! Our drivers can take you to the Amtrak Station, Airport, or even somewhere out of state! No location too far. We can take you anywhere in the US and Canada that is possible to be driven by car. Click here for more information
  • Vacation- Need a vacation, but don't want to drive, or take a plane? Let us do the driving for you! We can come up with a customized travel package based on your needs, at an economy price. The best part, you'll have a dedicated personal driver for your entire trip! Check out Jellybean Transportation for more details.

Our other companies

Jellybean Transportation

Economy long distance transportation and airport shuttle services, serving the Mansfield and Mid-Ohio areas.
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Jellybean Foods

Hard to find snacks and foods. Selling on Amazon, Blujay, Bonanza, Ebay, & Sears since 2011.

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